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2018 - 2019 Treasurer

Kaleob Ashley
Agricultural Business

From being a small town boy in Elora, TN, to moving to the big city of Cookevegas, Kaleob has always known his roots. Over the years Kaleob has consistently been passionate about three things: God, sports, and agriculture. Growing up in a family that owned its own agriculture business, it wasn't hard for him to find his place in FFA. Throughout his high school years, he served as both the chapter chaplain and the student advisor of the Huntland FFA Chapter while also competing in Parliamentary Procedure, Agricultural Mechanics,and Farm usiness Management. His love for his family's business' industry has led him to a passionate FFA career that has carried into college. Now serving as CFFA Treasurer, Kaleob is super excited to interact with members and spread laughter across campus!

Three Fun Facts about Kaleob:

1. Kaleob admits that he "actually kinda likes T-Swizzle and 1D, to be honest."
2.  He eats more ice cream than the average person.
3.  Kaleob also admits that he twitches when he falls asleep.


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