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2018-2019 Sentinel

Alaina Solis
Agricultural Education

Originally from Nashville, Alaina had no idea that she would eventually pursue a career in agriculture. Through her involvement with the McGavock FFA chapter, she found a home in agriculture and the FFA and found a passion for being an advocate for the industry, as well as inclusion and diversity within FFA. Throughout her four years of high school, she served as chapter chaplain, sentinel, and vie-president. She competed in a variety of Career and Leadership Development events, as well as representing her home chapter as a state officer candidate. At Tennessee Tech, Alaina has been a member of Lambda Alpha Sigma, is currently serving as the Ag Council Vice-President, and served on last year's team as the Ag Council Representative. Over the next year, Alaina wants to meet new members, get to know existing members better, and make everyone feel welcome!

Three Fun Facts about Alaina: 

1. Alaina is a proud dog mom to a four year old rescue named Lily. If you spend more than five minutes with her, she will show you pictures of her!

2. Alaina has watched the TV show The Office all the way through more than ten times!

3. You may often hear people call her "Soils"! After her last name was misspelled on a folder at a state officer prep course, she says that people made jokes saying that it was the perfect last name for someone involved in agriculture and after two years she got tired of correcting people and has embraced the nickname!


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